January 16, 2018

eclectica: distinctive Christianity and the atonement

Two topics have my attention his week, so this will be a brief posting. The first link comes from a very interesting piece by Michael Kruger. The second is a piece put up by a friend of ours and frequent contributor, Jim Oesterwind. Jim offers notes on a series of sermons by another friend, Mark […]

Eclectica – August 15, 1014

I’ve been collecting various links for weeks, time to offer up an eclectic sampling of the serious to the not so serious. Topics: Homosexuality Suicide Driscoll Mormons Church Decline Marriage Miscellany Astronomy Coffee

The Eclectic Web – May 23, 2014

We often provide links to “news of the day” sites here on The Eclectic Web. These may have some value, although by the time we publish them they are mostly all “old news.” This time around, I’d like to start our links with a list of helpful resources for the Christian student. Some are probably […]

The Eclectic Web: Will of God

Our friend Joel Arnold published a series of articles concerning the will of God recently. We would like to highlight them today and also to call your attention to the best place to find Joel’s writings these days, a fairly new blog called Rooted Thinking. This is a cooperative effort by a cadre of (mostly) […]

The Eclectic Web – 2014.4.4

Compiled by Don Johnson Given our interest in John MacArthur’s views on the charismatic movement (see our review of Strange Fire here and our open letter to John MacArthur here), I think it is appropriate that we notice that Dr. MacArthur has clearly spelled out the differences between his views and John Piper’s views. Full […]


One the things catching my attention in recent weeks was abominable theology. In consequence, this edition of The Eclectic Web starts with a link to abominable theology. Perhaps we are lulled to sleep in our understanding of the world we live in and think that unbelief parading in religious clothes has ceased to exist or […]


For another edition of the eclectic web, we have links to serious topics, less serious topics and others that fit somewhere on the spectrum between these two extremes. Alcohol and more Science, pseudo-Science, urban legends and everybody knows… Theology Off the beaten path…

A few thoughts on ‘Reformed Rap’–and other notes

The Eclectic Web Our friend and often a contributor to P&D, Brian Collins offers a few thoughts on the rap controversy. He poses some questions that need to be answered. For example: Why is there such invective toward men who counsel against the use of rap music for Christian purposes? Do they not have the […]

2014 FBFI Meeting–and other news

The Eclectic Web – By Don Johnson The annual National Fellowship Meeting of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International is to be held at Faith Baptist Church in Taylors, SC (Greenville area). The meeting will be held June 10-12. We will have more information as the date approaches. Faith Baptist Church 500 West Lee Road Taylors, […]

Bible study and other news | Eclectica

In this edition, The Eclectic Web takes you to a couple of interesting links about modern Bible study, as well as other items of interest. In the Beginning Was the Word – Now the Word Is on an App “More than 500 years after Gutenberg, the Bible is having its i-moment.” An article about the […]