December 18, 2017

2014 FBFI Meeting–and other news

The Eclectic Web – By Don Johnson

The annual National Fellowship Meeting of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International is to be held at Faith Baptist Church in Taylors, SC (Greenville area). The meeting will be held June 10-12. We will have more information as the date approaches.

Faith Baptist Church
500 West Lee Road
Taylors, SC 29687


And now for other news…

Today’s topics:

  • Ethics and personal betrayal
  • Euthanasia
  • Creation – a recommended read
  • Evangelism – another recommended read

Read on for the links:

Ethics and Personal Betrayal

Cheating’s Surprising Thrill – an article in the NYTimes discusses cheating and how much we humans like it.

Great Betrayals – also from the NYT, a psychologist looks at the damage caused by lying and betrayal.

But for the people who have been lied to, something more pervasive and disturbing occurs. They castigate themselves about why they didn’t suspect what was going on. The emotions they feel, while seemingly more benign than those of the perpetrator, may in the long run be more corrosive: humiliation, embarrassment, a sense of having been naïve or blind, alienation from those who knew the truth all along and, worst of all, bitterness.


SARS doctor Donald Low pleads for legalized assisted suicide in posthumous video – A Canadian doctor who garnered attention during the SARS epidemic of 2003 argues for “death with dignity” just eight days before he died of a brain tumor. This sparked increased attention on the subject by Canadian media and politicians.

It is not surprising that leftish politicians are “conflicted” and a “debated within” about “choice.” Those with a moral compass have no need for debate.


A Defense of Six-Day Creation – A self-styled “Reformed Pastor” issues a call pertinent to much wider circles than his own.

That is the trouble with the boasted progress of our modern age. The Bible at the start was given up. Nothing was to be regarded as fixed. All truth was regarded as relative. What has been the result? I will tell you. An unparalleled decadence—liberty prostrate, slavery stalking almost unchecked through the earth, the achievements of centuries crumbling in the dust, sweetness and decency despised, all meaning regarded as having been taken away from human life.What is the remedy? I will tell you that too. A return to God’s Word! [All emphasis original]


Evangelism in the Workplace – A testimony ran on 9marks this week from a brother converted from Hinduism. Lots of good practical advice about one way we can be and should be actively evangelistic in our daily lives.


We trust these links are helpful or at least educational for you. As always, we close with our disclaimer: Publication of links in The Eclectic Web feature does not imply endorsement of the viewpoint or contents of any of the websites linked. The links are provided as a matter of interest to Christians.

Don Johnson is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada.

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