December 16, 2017

Shop ‘Til you Drop?

Gordon Dickson

FrontLine • November/December 2004

Well, here we go again into another holiday season. It is commonlly understood that the stores have tried to “break even” for the rest of the year hoping to make a profit during this period. As you know, this “season” has expanded over the years. Thus, in American shops, the Christmas decorations now appear sometime in October. Clever marketing has attempted to teach us that “more is better” and that “saving” means “spending.” Pricey Christmas gifts have become more important than the precious Gift of Christ. So, it’s necessary for believers to conquer this cultural thinking in their own attitudes and actions.

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Doubting the Love of God

Taigen Joos

Believers should never question the fact that God loves them. Many biblical texts show us the love of God. Likewise, many hymns describe the love of God in poetical form. God’s unending, unceasing love for His children is truly a comforting thought.

Yet there are times in the life of a believer that we doubt God’s love, in spite of what we know the Bible says. The doubts rarely arise in times that we consider “good.” Our doubts usually arise when circumstances in life are not what we like. In those times, we may be able to affirm that God loves, but believe that His actions toward us are not loving. In so doing, we doubt the love of God.

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New World, Old Lies Echoes from 1918

FrontLine: November/December 2017 | VOLUME 27 | NUMBER 6

In August of 1914 British author H. G. Wells penned a series of articles on the escalating war in Europe; these were later collected and published in a volume entitled The War That Will End War. The title of the book became a popular catchphrase to describe the great conflict from 1914 to 1918. Many in the West believed that the successful prosecution of the struggle by the Allies would not only end war but would also make the world safe for democracy.

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Who Should You Marry & Why? (Part 1)

Matt Recker

Getting married is one of life’s most revealing, most character making (or breaking) decisions. In Malachi’s day God’s people were dealing “treacherously” against God and one another. (This word appears five times in Malachi 2:10-16 and means to betray) How? By marrying unbelievers or those who worshiped “strange gods” (Malachi 2:11), and divorcing the wife of their youth (Mal.2:13-16). Yes, Israelite men were divorcing their wives, some in order to marry Gentile girls who maintained their pagan idols. This was an inarguably clear violation of God’s Word (See Deut.7:3), yet it was one of the biggest problems in Israel when they came out of exile. Ezra 9-10 and Nehemiah 13:23-31also deal with this widespread sin during a time similar to the days of Malachi.

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God Made Visible (2)

George Stiekes

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen. (I Timothy 1:17)

The Spirit of God reveals a four-fold description of our God that every believer ought to understand and cherish if he is to truly know God and experience an intimate relationship with Him. Furthermore, it is important for us to understand that the Christ of Christmas is also known by these same descriptions. This is the second of the four descriptions. (See here for part One.)


The word literally means “undecaying,” indicating not subject to death. The same word is translated “incorruptible” in I Peter 1:4 and 23. God alone has immortality (I Timothy 6:16), an inherent part of His being.

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