January 20, 2018

Five Ways to Encourage a Missions-Mindedness in Your Family

Taigen Joos

Our church is going to host our second missions conference in its nearly 35 year history. I am thankful that we have made the desire for such a conference a reality, and we are still learning how to make it more effective in our church body.

One thing that has been on my mind is how to build into our church families more of a missions-mindedness. As a church body, we support several missionaries, which is good. We skype our missionaries, send them financial gifts from time to time, and do other things. But I am talking about individual families seeking to instill in each other more of a desire for outreach, both locally and globally. Here are some things I have thought of to encourage your family in this direction.

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Lessons in Evangelism from Old Testament Israel

Thomas Overmiller

As we learn to be a witness for the gospel, we give a lot of attention to what we say and how we say it. This is important because you cannot be a witness for the gospel without giving people the message of the gospel in a clear and accurate way (Rom 10:17). But in addition to the message that we share, we must also consider the life that we present to the world as the backdrop to the message. Scripture emphasizes this aspect of our role as witnesses. In fact, this is not a NT phenomenon. You can trace it back to the OT nation of Israel.

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George Stiekes

Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? Psalm 43:5

Everyone faces discouragement at one time or another, even Christians. The psalmist David was a proven warrior. At one occasion, he claims that the Lord is the strength of his life, Of whom shall I be afraid (Psalm 27:1) and shortly after he cries out, I shall one day perish by the hand of Saul (I Samuel 27:1). Elijah withstood hundreds of the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel and the next day he flees into the wilderness because of the threat of a wicked woman.

When discouragement comes, it is important to deal with it immediately. As a Christian discouragement is not something that should be on parade before others. Not only does it harm your testimony but it could also be harmful to another brother or sister in Christ. We must recognize that many people around us are dealing with tough battles and need the encouragement of others in the body of Christ.

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Tuning Out Television

Mark Herbster

FrontLineJuly/August 2008

Technological advances have brought new challenges into Christian families. Most families own at least one television set, and many Christians are struggling with a daily battle with television and its ungodly influences. Television has a great impact on our lives: it teaches our children; it trains our culture. Though there is nothing necessarily wrong with having a television set, the potential exists for a great deal of evil to come into the home through this medium.

The average American watches over four hours of television a day. One study recently reported that sixty-three percent of all teens have their own television. Teens between the ages of twelve and seventeen watch an average of twenty-two hours a week.

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Why Should You Stay Married? And How? Part 3

Matt Recker

There are five strong reasons in Malachi 2:13-16 that lead believers to remain faithful to their marriage vows. Our study of the first three reasons are in part one and part two of this series. They are: Remain faithful because of the divine covenant of marriage, because of the infinite power of the Holy Spirit, “yet had he a residue of the Spirit,” and because of the momentous goal in marriage, “that He might seek a godly seed.”

The fourth reason why you should stay married is because of the loving heart of God. Malachi 2:16a: “For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away.”

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