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In this edition, The Eclectic Web takes you to a couple of interesting links about modern Bible study, as well as other items of interest.

In the Beginning Was the Word – Now the Word Is on an App

“More than 500 years after Gutenberg, the Bible is having its i-moment.”

An article about the development of YouVersion by – this app and others are changing the way some approach church services.

Tyndale House Cambridge Launches Beta-version of Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP), a new free Bible study resource

The link is to, an interesting blog from the UK that highlights theological resources online. This article links to an interesting online Bible tool that should be a help especially for individuals who are not up on the original languages.

Today the STEP development team of Tyndale House Cambridge launched the Beta-test version of a new free Bible study resource at

Other items of eclectica:

  • Divorce among the aging
  • Euthanasia – “fine” in theory, reality is a different matter
  • Abortion – the doctors speak
  • Postmodernism – a discussion from MBBC
  • Purgatory – novel way to get time off
  • Illustrations in search of a sermon: the lighter side of eclectica

Growing old, but not together

A sad article from World magazine about the growing prevalence of divorce among those over 50:

Young and middle-aged couples are traditionally responsible for America’s high divorce rate, but a new study reveals that couples over the age of 50 are catching up.

A Life-or-Death Situation –

Margaret Battin is a leading advocate for assisted suicide. When her husband was made a quadriplegic by a bicycle accident, her value system was challenged and a whole new reality of her subject is becoming clear to her.

The only consistent choice Brooke [Margaret’s husband] has made — and he’s made it again and again every time he gives informed consent for a feeding tube or a diaphragmatic pacer, every time he permits treatment of an infection or a bedsore — is the one to stay alive.

Nevertheless, Margaret Battin still clings to her beliefs about assisted suicide.

10 Very Surprising Quotes From Abortion Doctors |

They’re threatened by informed consent. They’re traumatized by the limp body parts they look at every day. They’re torn by the contradiction that they became doctors to preserve life but use their profession to end it. Here are some eye-opening confessions from current and former abortionists.

Larry Oats of Maranatha Baptist Seminary on Postmodernism

It must be understood that in every era Bible believers have accepted and rejected elements of the prevailing worldview. Bible believers accepted the God of premodernism, but rejected the authority of the Catholic Church. They rejoiced in the individualism of modernism, but rejected its elevation of man to deity. There are elements of postmodernism that are attractive to the Bible believer, as well, although there is much to reject.

Vatican offers ‘time off purgatory’ to followers of Pope Francis tweets

A bit hard to believe in the modern era, but we read it on the internet, so it must be true.

And last, a few stories that cry out for attention as illustration material:

Brazilian man dies after cow falls through his roof on top of hima story of a tragic event, but one that surely can be used instructively somehow.

The Zero Gravity Coffee Cup – NASA Science – the solution to many a spill, just drink in zero-g!

‘Whoa! I’ve been hit by lightning,’ says B.C. man – British Columbia – CBC News

What would your first thought be after surviving a lightning strike?

“I actually bought the lottery ticket, actually times two, within 20 minutes. It was my first stop.”

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