December 14, 2017

A few thoughts on ‘Reformed Rap’–and other notes

The Eclectic Web

Our friend and often a contributor to P&D, Brian Collins offers a few thoughts on the rap controversy. He poses some questions that need to be answered. For example:

Why is there such invective toward men who counsel against the use of rap music for Christian purposes? Do they not have the liberty to express and practice their view (an increasingly minority view at that) without being called Pharisees or racists? Some of the speakers on the recent video were not as articulate as might be hoped given the pressure of answering a difficult question on the spot, but was there nothing accurate or worthy of consideration in what was said?

More Eclectica:

  • More on Rap
  • Family Issues
  • Sickness – Chronic and Terminal
  • Alcohol, yet again
  • Billy Graham and his theology

More on Rap

Reformed Rap and African American Culture | Reformed Baptist Fellowship

some thoughts by Tyrese Jackson:

My desire is to see my fellow reformed African Americans think more clearly about this because we need to avoid creating a culture of being urban in order to feel welcomed in the church. There is always the temptation to try it another way or try another technique to get more people interested in the church or sound theology. But may God help us to be faithful to Him and to follow the example He has given us in His word.

How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back – John McWhorter

Anyone who sees such behavior as a path to a better future—anyone, like Professor Dyson, who insists that hip-hop is an urgent “critique of a society that produces the need for the thug persona”—should step back and ask himself just where, exactly, the civil rights–era blacks might have gone wrong in lacking a hip-hop revolution. They created the world of equality, striving, and success I live and thrive in.

Hip-hop creates nothing.

Family Issues

The Changing American Family –

“We’re seeing a class divide not only between the haves and the have-nots, but between the I do’s and the I do nots,” Dr. Coontz said. Those who are enjoying the perks of a good marriage “wouldn’t stand for any other kind,” she said, while those who would benefit most from marital stability “are the ones least likely to have the resources to sustain it.”

Sickness – Chronic and Terminal

When Your World Crashes Down – Mark McGinniss and Rod Decker

Two Bible college professors dealing with two different diagnoses, one a chronic and debilitating condition, the other terminal. Both testify of strength through faith in Christ. A blessing to read.

Alcohol, yet again

Quenching Russia’s Drinking Problem | Christianity Today

Europe has the world’s highest rate of alcohol consumption. But Russia’s consumption rate of 15.8 liters (or about 4 gallons) of pure ethyl alcohol per capita annually is even higher. It is exceeded in Europe only by Moldova (18.2), the Czech Republic (16.5), and Hungary (16.3). Working-age men are Russia’s heaviest drinkers, consuming the equivalent of 155 half-liter bottles (or about 20 gallons) of vodka yearly on average.

Billy Graham and his theology

The Theology of Billy Graham – by Carl F. H. Henry

An interesting piece by the late Carl Henry. Billy Graham is a pivotal figure in the modern church. His influence was (is?) enormous. We need to understand him if we are going to understand what is going on in the church at large.

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