January 16, 2018

Best of P&D: Mike Harding writes on Alcohol

In our day, professing Christians, even so-called conservative Christians, are eager to justify the use of beverage alcohol. This, in spite of untold misery and suffering brought into homes and lives, in spite of rising violence and abuse fueled by alcohol, in spite of countless young people snared by their elders bad examples, this remains […]

Approving Alcohol, Prohibiting Marijuana: An Inconsistent Position

Wally Morris One of the most significant changes in attitude and behavior among conservative Evangelicals and some Fundamentalists is the acceptance of the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The increase in consumption of beer, wine, and liquor is characteristic of the wider American culture and influencing Christians as well. One reason BJU published a book about […]

Former Drinkers Reflect on Alcohol

Don Johnson I recently ran across this article: “20 Common Things People Realize When They Quit Drinking Alcohol” The author of the article is summarizing the things that people report after having given up on alcohol. The worldviews are, as far as I can see, those of unbelievers. I would guess they are not the […]

Wine is a Mocker

Dan Pelletier Please pray for a poor man who fell on the sidewalk outside our church in the middle of the night tonight.

No Health Benefit from Moderate Alcohol Consumption

David Potter Newsweek reports a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs which disputes claims that moderate alcohol consumption has health benefits. After scrutinizing 87 studies on the subject, researchers concluded that all but 13 of them had flawed methodology. In short, the control groups in each case contained people who […]

Does the Bible Condone Alcoholic Beverages?

Gary Reimers Fundamentalists find themselves in a difficult and awkward position concerning alcoholic beverages. By instinct, tradition and Biblical principle they are convinced that believers should abstain entirely. Yet that position is under strong attack today by others who also claim to believe the Bible. Among new-evangelicals the trend is toward “social drinking” as an […]

Review: Christians and Alcohol: A Scriptural Case for Abstinence

Christians and Alcohol: A Scriptural Case for Abstinence by Randy Jaeggli, published by Bob Jones University Seminary © Bob Jones University Press, 2014. Reviewed by Don Johnson The subject of alcohol has been a contentious one among Christians since at least the beginning of the Temperance Movement in the 19th century and continues to trouble […]

The Eclectic Web – May 23, 2014

We often provide links to “news of the day” sites here on The Eclectic Web. These may have some value, although by the time we publish them they are mostly all “old news.” This time around, I’d like to start our links with a list of helpful resources for the Christian student. Some are probably […]

Does the Great Commission Require Drinking Beer?

David Potter Does fulfilling the Great Commission require that we must be willing to drink beer in a bar in order to win people to Christ? Thus said Daniel Wallace, probably the most brilliant mind on the faculty at Dallas Seminary. Here is the link so that you can see for yourself if I have […]


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