December 14, 2017

Eclectica – August 15, 1014

I’ve been collecting various links for weeks, time to offer up an eclectic sampling of the serious to the not so serious.


Church Decline


WORLD Mobile | Government survey: Gay population smaller than previously thought | July 15, 2014

Group of Law Professors Urges Obama to Deny Religious Exemption in Order –

Obama’s LGBT Order: 2 Things Churches and Christian Non-Profits Should Know

Gordon College:

Religious Freedom vs. LGBT Rights? It’s More Complicated

What’s Happening To Gordon College Is Just The Beginning

Suicide | Robin Williams

Robin Williams didn’t die from a disease, he died from his choice – The Matt Walsh Blog

Unpopular thoughts about a difficult subject.

More on Driscoll

LifeWay Stops Selling Mark Driscoll’s Books at 180 Christian Stores | Gleanings |

Mormons and Evangelicalism

9 Things You Should Know About Mormonism | TGC | The Gospel Coalition

Yes, we know. Mormon’s aren’t evangelicals. Not all evangelicals know this, as you can see from this next link:

This Cover of Nearer, My God, to Thee From the BYU Men’s Chorus Will Give You Goosebumps

Declining Church attendance – a surprising secret

Are You a Part-Time Churchgoer? You May Be Surprised | TGC

The #1 Reason for “Declining Attendance”? | Leadership Journal


Masters of Love – The Atlantic

A secular article, but makes an excellent point that Christians should heed.

3 Misconceptions Christians Have About Marrying Non-Christians | RELEVANT Magazine

Not strong enough, but a sober reminder, if Christians need reminding on this topic. Do they? They shouldn’t, but we see Christians making foolish choices in marriage over and over again.

Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed by Thomas Umstattd

A surprising admission from a former advocate.


Are Sports Healthy or Harmful for America?

A little different from my article this week, but another angle for us to think about our addiction to sports.

Why We’re Dropping Comments (On Some Articles) | Christianity Today

Interesting move in the blogosphere.

Media Companies Spin Off Newspapers, to Uncertain Futures

The information revolution continues to push change.

Astronomy – just cool stories (with the usual evolutionary claims):

European Spacecraft Pulls Alongside Comet After 10 Years and Four Billion Miles –

Rock On! Curiosity Spots a Heavy Metal Meteorite

Coffee! (need we say more?)

Why coffee drinkers generally live longer | MNN – Mother Nature Network

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