December 14, 2017


One the things catching my attention in recent weeks was abominable theology. In consequence, this edition of The Eclectic Web starts with a link to abominable theology. Perhaps we are lulled to sleep in our understanding of the world we live in and think that unbelief parading in religious clothes has ceased to exist or at least been marginalized. We would do well to be reminded that the whole world sleeps in the arms of the wicked one.

From bad doctrine we go to bad practice. The world in general is rife with wickedness and the weak-willed Christian church only lags behind. Sometimes the practice and thinking of the church in these areas is almost breath-taking in its folly. I often wonder if these are those last days the Scriptures warn us of.

In spite of the despair of my first two paragraphs, there are some encouraging things in our list today as well. The Lord has not left us without hope among the children of men.

Categories in this collection:

Bad Theology: The top of our list in the bad theology department is this from the Associated Baptist Press, “Rethinking the atonement.” Yes, Virginia, modernism still lives and breathes and walks the planet earth.

Our next entry may seem odd as a source of bad theology, but it is the Logos software company. They are currently running a promotion based on the March basketball tournament. If you check the link here: Logos March Madness | Be a Voter — Your Favorite Author’s Depending on You, you will find that included in the titles here are items of bad to abominable theology. We realize that Logos is a business and they sell electronic books to all comers. We offer this because users should be warned that bad theology shows up here – sometimes in the platform packages that seem to offer a lot of books for a lower overall price. Buyer beware!

Some evangelicals think it is trendy to celebrate Lent. We wonder if they truly understand the spiritual influence that pagan-lite practices contain: Trendy? Maybe, but the church needs more of it (Associated Baptist Press on Ash Wednesday).

Fighting Theological Battles: Next, some links to fights over theology. Some of these stories are ongoing, no final resolution has come about as yet as far as we know. We remain hopeful that the right will triumph and hold back the darkness to some extent.

Bryan College, an evangelical institution, is in the throes of a struggle for its soul. The story first came to my attention through this CT piece: Bryan College Faculty Vote ‘No Confidence’ in President over Adam and Eve. World adds some details with Creation debate roils Bryan College reporting on an news first broken by the Bryan College student newspaper: Faculty votes ‘no confidence’ in Dr. Livesay (Bryan College Triangle).

An interesting and hopeful sign comes to us from Megachurch Will Pay Millions to Part Ways With Nation’s Biggest Presbyterian Denomination Amid Major Rift Over ‘Who Jesus Is’. Menlo Park Presbyterian Church under the leadership of Pastor John Ortberg plans to pay off the PCUSA to get out of that liberal denomination. The church is heading for a new Presbyterian body, “A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians,” see here for their Doctrinal Statement.

Bad Practices: You may have seen some articles on the Mars Hill story where pastor Mark Driscoll’s writing was pushed by a marketing company to the NY Times bestseller level. Here is a story that first caught our attention: Mars Hill Defends How Mark Driscoll’s ‘Real Marriage’ Became a Bestseller (we realize that the story is still developing as we post). The ethics of this situation make this a ‘bad practice’ in our books. The story is one of those that seem to be giving evangelicals pause in their enthusiasm for Driscoll, something we have been warning about for some time.

How effective will be this mild Christianity Today suggestion that you not use marijuana where it is legal? You’re Free to Toke Up. But Don’t. | Christianity Today. We predict: not very. Definitely a bad practice, both in the weak rationale against the drug and in using the drug in the first place.

Rape Culture: A couple of Canadian writers dispute the use of the term “rape culture” with reference to college campuses. Their arguments should give pause to the rush to judgement many make about Christian institutions that have the misfortune to experience the presence of predators in their midst. First from the National Post: Barbara Kay: ‘Rape culture’ fanatics don’t know what a culture is, then from iPolitcs: Is ‘rape culture’ a buzzword, or a trend?

And to close things off, how about something positive?

Kevin DeYoung on Sanctification: Sanctification and the Nature of the Gospel – Reformation21 Blog

John MacArthur doing more good work on Cessationism:

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