January 16, 2018

Does the Bible Really Teach Two Types of Forgiveness?

Kristopher Schaal I’d like to make a case for two distinct types of forgiveness. When a person gets saved, God forgives all of his sin—past, present, and future. This is often referred to as “positional forgiveness.” Although some people may not like that term, I don’t think anyone even close to orthodoxy really disputes the […]

Straight Cuts: “The Just Shall Live by Faith” (Habakkuk 2:4b)

Mike Harding This inspired text penned by the ancient prophet Habakkuk is quoted three times by two NT authors. In the NT, the prophet’s profound utterance comprises the “soul of Pauline theology.”[1] Boice comments, “This is a great text. It could even be called the great text of the Bible. To understand it is to […]

Stubborn, Ceaseless Civil War (2)

Mark Minnick In Part One, Dr. Minnick writes to us of the struggle of the spiritual life, instructing us of the Nature of the struggle and assuring us of the Normalcy of the struggle. The Enormity of This Struggle Though everything described thus far is the normal experience of all Christians, it isn’t their experience […]

Stubborn, Ceaseless Civil War (1)

Mark Minnick All Christ’s followers, ministers or otherwise, are in one of three states of spiritual warfare: (1) some have given up battling almost entirely, (2) some are battling weakly but generally unsuccessfully, and (3) some are battling energetically and generally victoriously. But there is no such thing as a child of God who is […]

The Growing Christian

William Edward Biederwolf If you are sighing today for the ‘‘joy which once you knew when first you found the Lord,” it can only be because you have not been a growing Christian. Conversion is just the beginning of what God can do for a human soul. “Consider the lilies of the field, how they […]

The Eclectic Web–Charismatism and more

The Pentecostalism and Charismatic Movement have long been a concern for their popularization of aberrant beliefs and practices. Their influence on evangelicalism as it is today is surprising, given their relatively brief history. One source of information on the movement is data gathered by the Assemblies of God. This article provides many links to their […]


One the things catching my attention in recent weeks was abominable theology. In consequence, this edition of The Eclectic Web starts with a link to abominable theology. Perhaps we are lulled to sleep in our understanding of the world we live in and think that unbelief parading in religious clothes has ceased to exist or […]

Present Your Bodies

Don Johnson A continuing meditation on Romans 12.1-2: The Motivation for Change God is Concerned About Externals On the notion of how we ought to live our lives, I’ve emphasized the word body in our text (Rm 12.1). My thesis is that God is concerned about external behaviour – you can’t be a spiritual man […]

God is Concerned about Externals

Don Johnson In a recent article, I wrote about the motivations for change that accompany our conversion. There is little doubt that change is part of conversion. After all, the preachers of the Bible call their hearers (and us) to faith and repentance. Repentance is nothing if nothing changes. Biblical Christianity is not a ‘come […]

Seeking the Fruit: The Use and Misuse of Paul’s List in Galatians 5

Kevin Schaal Have you ever watched a tree strain and groan to produce fruit? Of course not! A healthy tree connected to proper nourishment naturally produces fruit. The apostle Paul uses this analogy when discussing the fruit of the Spirit-filled life in Galatians 5. The primary error in the interpretation of the “fruit of the […]