December 12, 2017

Who Should You Marry & Why? (Part 1)

Matt Recker Getting married is one of life’s most revealing, most character making (or breaking) decisions. In Malachi’s day God’s people were dealing “treacherously” against God and one another. (This word appears five times in Malachi 2:10-16 and means to betray) How? By marrying unbelievers or those who worshiped “strange gods” (Malachi 2:11), and divorcing […]

The Love We Seek

Kim Melton My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. Song of Solomon 2:10 These are words that every young girl dreams of hearing. Even as an adult, I love the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast. Females long for […]

My Beloved and My Friend

Marshall and Gretchen Fant FrontLine • March/April 2007 “What is the problem, as you see it?” I asked the couple sitting across my desk. The answer I got was too predictable. The names and faces were different, but the situation that seemed unique to them was becoming so common to me that it was disturbing. […]

Should We Use the Term “Traditional Marriage”?

Don Johnson When I hear or use the term “traditional marriage,” I have a definite meaning in mind. In the shortest form, I mean “one man and one women for life.” shortens it even further as “marriage between one man and one woman” and then adds this parenthesis: “(primarily used by opponents of same-sex […]

Conscience and Disobedience

Wally Morris The human conscience is a pesky part of all of us. Our conscience seems to interfere with our lives at the most inconvenient times and create (or make us aware of) knotty ethical problems which often do not have easy or simple answers. The Bible tells us that our conscience can be convicted, […]

When the Land Vomits

Dan Unruh As Americans celebrated our nation’s birthday last Saturday the media is gleefully barraging us with the news of some who are celebrating what once was considered sickening and outright repulsive. Although God has blessed America with a beautiful land, He has also warned that when the inhabitants of a land defile themselves they […]

Supreme Court Judgment

Larry Oats Some Christians have argued that the recent Supreme Court decision overriding the decision of some states to maintain the traditional definition of marriage will bring God’s judgment upon America. Paul the Apostle would tend to differ. The Supreme Court decision was instead a formal, political, and, more importantly, a moral declaration of a […]

Marriage Policy for the First Baptist Church of Troy

FBCTroy, Pastor Mike Harding Pastor Mike Harding of First Baptist Church of Troy, Michigan, offers a recently approved statement on marriage which was adopted by his church. We offer it here in light of current controversies as a resource for other churches who may wish to consider adopting a similar position statement. Marriage is an […]

A Christian Perspective on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

Mark Minnick Our friend and good brother, Mark Minnick, preached two messages in response to the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriages last Sunday. He has given us permission to host the audio files on our site. We draw your attention to them with this post and offer the following summary of the ten […]

Concerning Marriage and Sexual Morality

Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International Position Statement 13.01 The following statement regarding marriage and sexual morality reflects the clear and consistent Biblical teaching, the consistent historical position of Christianity in general and of Fundamental Baptists in particular and has always been and remains the unwavering theological conviction of the FBFI. Adherence to the clear teaching of […]