December 17, 2017

Growing In Grace–FBFI Annual Fellowship in progress

Our theme for the 92nd Annual Fellowship is in progress with one more day remaining. We thought it appropriate to highlight the main session messages preached thus far and available here on Proclaim & Defend.

The theme of our conference this year has been Growing in Grace. Our speakers have contributed mightily to our understanding of the subject. We urge you to take the time to listen to them and recommend them to your friends.

We will update this post with the last two general sessions as soon as they are available. Audio of the workshop sessions will be posted soon.

Union with Christ: The Foundation for Spiritual Growth

(Galatians 2:11-21)

Evangelist Steve Pettit

Gal 2.11-21 – Evangelist Steve Pettit preaches that we can’t expect spiritual growth without really coming to grips with our union with Christ in our salvation. From that concept flows every step of growth that develops in the believer’s life.

Sanctification: The Pastor’s Role in the Believer’s Progress of Godliness

(1 Timothy 4:16, Acts 20:19-35, 1 Timothy 4:11-16)

Marty Marriott, President, Maranatha Baptist Bible College

Dr. Marty Marriott deals with a serious error of understanding taught by a prominent preacher on 1 Tim 4.16. The error involves a misunderstanding of the word ‘salvation’ in its context in this verse. The verse is a serious call to men in the ministry to holy living and teaching for the benefit of sanctification of the people to whom they minister. In this context, it is sanctification that is in view, and the preacher’s obligation is to provide a clear example of what that sanctification is supposed to look like.

Keys to Successful Conflict Among Brothers

(Acts 15:36-40)

Kevin Schaal, Pastor, Northwest Valley Baptist Church, Glendale, AZ

In this message, Dr. Kevin Schaal offers an insightful discussion of the conflict between Paul and Barnabas at the end of Acts 15. The insights gained offer us some understanding about conflict that can lead to real growth in individuals and churches as we work our way carefully and biblically through disagreements that will inevitably come.

Overcoming the Mind of the Flesh

(Romans 6:1-15, Romans 8:7-9)

Mark Minnick, Pastor, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

Dr. Mark Minnick preaches a masterful exposition of the 6th chapter of Romans. He shows exactly what it is in us that must be overcome by the process of sanctification (the flesh) and how it is overcome – not by eradicating it (impossible) but by a new recognition of gospel truth and reorientation of one’s self to God

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