December 13, 2017

Values and Music: A Theological Perspective (Part 2)

Gerald Priest, Ph.D. This is the second part of five. Part 1 can be found here. In Part 1, Dr. Priest points out that the first and most important criteria in making musical choices is theological: does my music please God? To begin, music is not amoral; apart from any lyrics, music conveys a message. […]

More from “A New Song for an Old World”

Last week we offered some comments from Clement of Alexandria on music, as quoted by Calvin R. Stapert in A New Song for an Old World. For your Monday morning, we offer a bit more of Stapert, addressing the modern music wars with thoughts from the ancient world.

Olde World Baptists: Mihály Kornya, Peasant Prophet

David Potter This is the first in a series of posts about the life of Mihály (Michael) Kornya, who, along with his friend and colleague Mihály Toth, were known as the Peasant Prophets. His exploits for God are legendary. Many older people who live in the towns and villages of the areas where Kornya preached […]

The Eclectic Web–2013.01.17

Eclectic: “composed of elements drawn from various sources” (M-W Thesaurus). The Eclectic Web is the fruit of your editor’s wanderings around the web and is offered as a matter of possible interest to others. Persecution: Islamic extremism dominates persecution list “Eight of the top 10 persecutors of Christians — and 24 of the top 30 […]

Christian Assurance

Thomas Overmiller The Theme of First John “Did I really mean it?” “Did I really understand, or was I just afraid of dying?” It is not uncommon for Christians to encounter these kinds of doubts about their salvation at some point or another. Christian counselors should be equipped to answer these doubts biblically. While other […]

Values and Music: A Theological Perspective (Part 1)

Gerald Priest, Ph.D. This article is part of a larger article by Dr. Priest, divided into five parts. I want to express briefly my own theology of music and the values related to it. I am not a musician, but then most Christians are not. But we are musical, and therefore should have a Christian […]

Clement on the music wars (an excerpt)

The battle over music in the church is an old, old battle. Calvin R. Stapert writes about it in his book, A New Song for an Old World. We publish an excerpt here: “Clement [of Alexandria] affirms music that he describes as sober, pure, decorous, modest, temperate, grave, and soothing, over against music he describes […]

A Modest Proposal

David Potter The hysteria over the recent school shootings set me to thinking about protecting our children. The knee-jerk reaction of many people is to want to ban guns. Ironically, most of the celebrities and politicians who call for banning guns for ordinary people have armed body guards 24/7. Protection for me but not for […]

The Eclectic Web–January 4, 2013

Your Bible Reading Plan Do you have a Bible Reading Plan? We are encouraging our church members to adopt a plan of regular Bible reading. I’d like to share some good options for you – some are more rigorous than others. From NavPress and their Discipleship Journal, three variations with flexiblity and ‘catch-up’ days. Here’s […]

The Eclectic Web–2012/12/30

More on school shootings: Game Theory: A Year When Real-World Violence Crept Into Play The author denies a connection between real world violence and video games (certainly a debatable proposition), but the article reveals some interesting insight into human nature as the author, a young dad, considers what to do about his video games and […]