January 19, 2018

Around the Web–6/15/12

Unanimity of the Early Church’s Polemic against Pagan Music
Music Shapes the Person
May Christians Reject Certain Styles of Music If Scripture Does Not?

Juvenilization is the process by which the religious beliefs, practices, and developmental characteristics of adolescents become accepted as appropriate for adults. It began with the praiseworthy goal of adapting the faith to appeal to the young, which in fact revitalized American Christianity. But it has sometimes ended with both youth and adults embracing immature versions of the faith. In any case, white evangelicals led the way.

We might have a further look at this topic in the coming days.

On the ‘gay rights’ front:

There are plenty of stories to shock our Christian sensibilities all over the web and in our local newspapers. It shouldn’t surprise us, we know what the world is like. We can’t hope to reform it all, but perhaps you can be a part in reforming some soul in your neighborhood by giving him or her the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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