December 12, 2017

Around the Web–6/1/12

A few items of interest this week:

  • Quebec: Canada’s Prodigal Province. Independent Baptists will not agree with many of the statements made in this article by some of the interviewees, but the article highlights the challenges of ministering to the secular culture. A crying need of the day is to reach the unchurched secularist who is secular by choice, not by tradition.
  • Shorter University, a Georgia Baptist school, apparently is trying to reclaim its Christian viewpoint by requiring faculty members to support creationism and oppose homosexuality. Many faculty are departing. There are more stories around the web on this topic. We call it to your attention because the struggle over homosexuality seems to be gripping our society on many fronts.
  • Maranatha Baptist Seminary recently published Volume 2.1 of its Theological Journal. It’s a project worth your attention.
  • Corporate pandering to liberal causes is not new, but this news about J C Penney caught our attention. According to One Million Moms, a group fed up with “the filth many segments of our society … are throwing at our children,” this may show a pattern at J C Penney.

In spite of all the concerns we see in our sin-sick world, we urge you to turn to the Lord in your local church this Sunday. The Lord Jesus is our Blessed Hope. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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