December 17, 2017

Around the Web

A few things that catch our interest this week:

  • How to dress in church – former Wheaton President Duane Litfin argues that we need to dress up, not down, but sets no particular standard in “Clothing Matters
  • What does President Obama believe? An interesting interview from 2004, re-published recently, offers insight into the President’s belief system, such as it is. Barack Obama and The God Factor– an interview by Cathleen Falsani. (Update: Link repaired)
  • A follow-up article about the Obama interview: from Baptist Press offers some commentary, “Sin is what doesn’t match ‘my values’(HT: Sharper Iron)
  • Christianity and Culture: a 1912 address from J. Gresham Machen on “The Scientific Preparation of a Minister”, to open the one hundred and first session of Princeton Theological Seminary.

A quote from Machen’s address:

Modern culture is a mighty force. It is either subservient to the gospel or else it is the deadliest enemy of the gospel.

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