January 16, 2018

The Genius of Apostasy (1)

FBFI Pulpit: Dr. David Innes, Hamilton Square Baptist Church, San Francisco, CA
Series: What is Fundamentalism?

In this message, Dr. Innes deals with the difficulty of standing against apostasy. Apostasy appears to be compassionate, full of good works, well spoken of and command the attention and allegiance of so many good people. What is a Bible-believing Christian to do?

A few notes from the handout:

Why it is difficult, yea almost impossible to fight apostasy in its inception?

1. Gradualism. Apostasy produces minute incremental changes over an extended period of time. At no point in time are the changes radical enough to justify taking a strong position against them.

2. Good. At its inception apostasy has much good to commend it and very little evil to condemn it. Those who stand in opposition to apostasy at this point in time are falsely accused of apposing all the good that is associated with it.

3. Gurus — the prominent personalities involved

There are more reasons than these. Listen to the message to get more and to get the spirit of fundamentalism as it ought to be from one of fundamentalism’s outstanding advocates.

For the audio, click here; for the notes, click here.

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