December 18, 2017

Categories of Truth

FBFI Pulpit: Dr. David Innes, Hamilton Square Baptist Church, San Francisco, CA
Series: What is Fundamentalism?

What doctrines ought to divide Christians? What are those teachings where we ought to allow our brothers to differ? Between that which is essential and that which is preferential, a great gulf is fixed … or ought to be. Dr. Innes gives us some helpful categories by which we can make distinctions for our own understanding and for the enriching of our fellowship. You will find the downloadable file helpful for understanding this message.

An excerpt from the handout:

SPECIAL NOTE: These categories of truth should never be taught or preached with the same level of authority. Truth must be preached “out” of the Scriptures, not “into” the Scriptures. It is dishonest to preach our own logical conclusions and speculations with the same “thus saith the Lord” as we would with truth which is very clear. Our preaching and teaching should be confined for the most part to columns 1 and 2. The truths and commands of the column 1 category constitute ”the faith” referred to many times throughout the New Testament. (Acts 6:7, 14:22; I Tim. 4:1; II Tim. 4:7; Jude 1:3 et. al.)

In this message, Dr. Innes touches on many specific teachings that have been used to unbiblically divide Christians. From wire-rimmed glasses, to Bible versions, to baptisms, to timing of the Rapture… all are in categories that are less clearly taught in Scripture, if at all, and must not be used to cause division among brethren.

You can find this message here and the notes here.

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