January 19, 2018

2015 Annual Fellowship – Audio

We are happy to present the following messages from our recent Annual Meeting in Chesapeake, Virginia. We hope you get as much blessing out of them as we did.

Dr. Fred Moritz: God’s Covenant With David, A Charter for Humanity

This message stirred us up, because the Scriptures clearly show that God’s program is still in place, he has a plan for the nation Israel that is yet to be completed, and we, members of the Christian church, have a role to play in fulfilling our Lord’s purposes in the world that will come to final fruition when the Son of David sits on David’s throne.

Dr. Chuck Phelps: Kept From the Hour of Temptation

Dr. Phelps showed us how the Thessalonians were shaken by false teaching that the Day of the Lord had already come and how the apostle assured them and us by laying out quite clearly the things that must come before the hour of trial. The Lord meant to comfort us with these words, not frighten us that some hour of trouble is yet to come upon us as well as upon the unbelieving world.


Doug Carragher: Wounded Spirits: A Biblical Approach to Dealing with the Effect of PTSD

Fred Moritz: Fundamental Distinctions Between Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism

Jeff Musgrave: The Night Cometh When No Man Can Work

Larry Oats: Consistently Literal HermeneuticsMeaning in dispensational and non-dispensational systems

Walter Yoho: In the Twinkling of an Eye

For the Ladies:

Linda Phelps: Be of Good Cheer – handling the storms of life

Linda Phelps: Ann Judson – trusting God’s sovereignty

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