Report from the Northwest Regional Conference

Tom Nieman

The Northwest FBFI conducted their annual meeting at Lincoln Park Baptist Church in Wenatchee, Washington March 16-18. Pastor Brian Ernsberger and his people were the gracious hosts for this time of fellowship. The attendance represented by those outside of Washington State indicated that this annual meeting is worth the travel.

Dr. Walt Brock, along with nine area pastors, refreshed and challenged those attending with blessed theological, exegetical and practical messages. NW ladiesThe ladies’ sessions conducted by Mrs. Betty Brock were greatly appreciated. Although the schedule was full, the times for fellowship were thoroughly enjoyed.

NW menThe regional meeting for 2016 will be held at Galilee Baptist Church in Kent, Washington. Pastor Bruce Hamilton is scheduled to be the guest speaker.




The podcast messages:


Walt Brock: Pressing Forward in Ministry for Christ

Walt Brock: Failing to Ask the First Question

Walt Brock: Recruiting Others to Share Your Vision

Walt Brock: Praying For God’s Help in the Work

Walt Brock: Planning for Christian Ministry

Walt Brock: Motivation to Keep Pressing Forward

Additional Messages:

Rick Coursen: That I May Know Him

Brian Ernsberger: It Is All By His Grace

Jake Schopf: Inescapable Realities from the Throne Room of Heaven

John Stima: When God Gives You Half a Loaf

Steve Hicks: The Spirit God Uses to Influence Others

Dave Dillsworth: Keeping Our Focus Right