December 17, 2017

Proclaim & Defend Podcast

Our audio postings follow our fellowship meetings. Consequently, they come out at irregular intervals. This week we posted messages from the South Regional Fellowship. We have plans to post messages from the Northwest Regional Fellowship also. In fact, we were intending to post them today. However due to the proverbial “technical difficulties” they will not arrive till next week.

Instead, for today, we offer a link to our podcasts here. You might wish to subscribe to get notification every time we publish messages from one of our fellowship meetings. Stay tuned for the NW messages, coming next week.

Although Proclaim & Defend is the blog of the FBFI, the articles we post are not an expression of the views of the FBFI as a whole, they are the views of the author under whose name they are published. The FBFI speaks either through position statements by its board or through its president. Here at Proclaim & Defend, we publish articles as matters of interest or edification to the wider world of fundamentalist Baptists and any others who might be interested.

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