In His Image–FrontLine July/August 2014

FrontLine: July/August 2014 | VOLUME 24 | NUMBER 4


The Problem with Humans is Humans
John Vaughn

What Is the Image of God in Man?
Fred Moritz

We are totally depraved sinners, and yet the image of God still remains.

Thoroughly Human Thinking
Andrew Hudson

An unsaved human’s thinking is skewed in every area of life. His thinking is never Christlike.

The “Goodness” of Unbelievers
David Saxon

Can unregenerate people do good? Can they be good?

God and Atheists
Tim Miller

God doesn’t believe in atheists.

From the Realm of Sin to the Realm of Christ
David Hockman

Paul seems to send mixed messages regarding the struggle of sin.

Made in His Image
Claudia Barba

What Is a Chaplain Endorser, and What Does He Do?
John C. Vaughn

What’s “Fundamental” to “Fundamentalism”?
David C. Innes

At a Glance: The Book of Mordecai?
Layton Talbert

On Language & Scripture
Mark Ward

Annual Fellowship Report

Laying Up Treasures on Earth or in Heaven?
Jerry Sivnksty

We would like to thank Dr. Larry Oats for coordinating this issue of FrontLine magazine.