December 12, 2017

Eclectic Web–Freedom in the UK

Christian blogger Jon Gleason rightly points out the danger in this story, Legal action against Christian bakers is ‘a crushing blow to religious liberty’ in his blog post discussing it: The Death of Freedom. Briefly, the story is about a Christian baker refusing to bake a cake with a slogan, “Support Gay Marriage”. Please note – they didn’t refuse to make a wedding cake, they refused to make a political cake. The original article and many of the commenters keep calling the issue a “religious freedom” issue.

In a narrow sense, this is true, but a much broader principle is at stake, as brother Gleason points out. This is simply a free speech issue. No one should be coerced to support a political cause of any kind against their will. The implications of this story are absolutely chilling.

There is an article from an American source that highlights how the elites of the nation are on board with this trend: Joe Biden Says Protecting Gay Rights Trumps Culture, Social Traditions. Statements like these aren’t surprising, unfortunately. Our world is running pell mell after this cause. Opposition will not be tolerated.

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