November 21, 2017

A Sovereign Mandate

Tavis J. Long Believing that the privilege to pray in Jesus’ name is fundamental to the Christian’s relationship with Christ, and understanding that the privilege to reference the personage of Jesus in public prayer is under increasing attack in the military chaplaincy, we resolve that our Chaplains will be supported, defended, and encouraged to pray […]

Christians are Told to Bow or Face a Fierce Collision

Matt Recker In a recent New York Times opinion column entitled, “Bigotry, the Bible and the Lessons of Indiana,” opinion columnist Frank Bruni tells conservative churches to “take homosexuality off the sin list” and bow to the new enlightened understanding of our modern world (New York Times, April 3, 2015). Bruni sees that homosexuality and […]

Eclectic Web–Freedom in the UK

Christian blogger Jon Gleason rightly points out the danger in this story, Legal action against Christian bakers is ‘a crushing blow to religious liberty’ in his blog post discussing it: The Death of Freedom. Briefly, the story is about a Christian baker refusing to bake a cake with a slogan, “Support Gay Marriage”. Please note […]

Anticipating Future Persecution

David L. Cummins Terror! Since September 11, that very word has taken on a new meaning to Americans across the land, and fear grips the hearts of many. After all, America has been known as the “Land of the Free,” but surely “911” has taken on a new meaning in our society. While Americans of […]

Around the Web–Nov 16, 2012

Religious freedom, tolerance, free speech: In Canada, a ‘watershed’ religious freedom win Matters of morality, including the perceived morality of certain types of sexual behavior, are topics for discussion in the public forum. Freedom of speech does not just protect polite speech. Hopefully this is the end of this particular case, but if the complainant […]