December 18, 2017

Confusing Cultural Times Call for Spiritual Clarity

The Eclectic Web

It is no surprise that confusion reigns across our culture – a cacophony of voices declare all sorts of practices good what the Bible and believing Christians have always declared bad. Such times call for absolute spiritual clarity from Christian leaders. Instead of clarity, we often get more confusion.

Sex in a Teenager’s Room? – confused values from the New York Times.

Biker priest puts his faith in Victoria – confusion in the clergy

Should Creationism Be Controversial? – confused debate on crucial issues

Al Mohler and SBTS Executive Team Visit Rick Warren: Apprising Ministries – confusing message from a conservative

The SBC’s 60 Year Decline! Beyond the Blame Game – for a confused world, a call for clarity, but is it too little and too late?

We must learn to live as a counter-cultural movement, standing by gospel truth and biblical essentials, regardless of how popular we are in our culture. We are now a counter-cultural minority and we must learn to live faithfully under the new reality.

We can say amen to this concluding quote, but the SBC has hardly been accustomed to the counter-cultural approach. We aren’t confident that many of them or enough of them will heed such calls.

But what about independent fundamental Baptists? Are we counter-cultural enough?

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