January 16, 2018

Shop ‘Til you Drop?

Gordon Dickson FrontLine • November/December 2004 Well, here we go again into another holiday season. It is commonlly understood that the stores have tried to “break even” for the rest of the year hoping to make a profit during this period. As you know, this “season” has expanded over the years. Thus, in American shops, […]

Unraveling Culture?

Don Johnson Current headlines are very troubling. Riots. Extremism. Mobs. Demands. Social justice. Race. Racism. Diversity. Tolerance. Intolerance. All of these words come to mind. Several younger fundamentalists offer some insight. I’d like to commend their blogs to you.

Is Fundamentalism a Cultural Phenomenon?

Gerald L. Priest FrontLine • May/June 2009 One criticism leveled against Fundamentalists is their refusal to engage the culture. Sociologist Alan Wolfe writes, “When believers refuse to engage the culture, their opponents dismiss them as fanatics, frustrated people rendered insecure by the dilemmas and opportunities of modernity.”[1] Implicit in this complaint is resentment toward Fundamentalists […]

Principles of Authority in Romans 13:1–4

Bud Steadman The story is told of a young man who was living a rebellious life and longed for his personal freedom from authority. One day in great anger he cried out, “I’m tired of my parents telling me what to do. I want to run my own life.” So, he joined the Marines. We […]

Protecting the Hearts at Home

Tony L. Miller When our daughter was in high school, a European film company came to our area to produce a documentary on Christianity in America. They interviewed and filmed our family for this program. The main focus was an extended private interview of our daughter by one of the company’s women. To say the […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes (Hint: It’s a dress)

Don Johnson A few days ago Matt Recker gave us an article affirming the Biblical view of human nature: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Gen 1.27). His article resonates with most of the readers of this blog, and […]

Sheep in the Midst of Wolves

Dayton Hobbs Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matt. 10:16). Jesus gave this instruction and advice to His disciples as He sent them out to minister as “sheep in the midst of wolves” in their generation. He offers this same instruction for those of us who desire to be good disciples […]

Gender is Not our Choice

God Made us Either Male or Female Matt Recker I woke up today and asked myself, what in the world is going on in North Carolina? Why is the Obama Administration filing a federal lawsuit against the State of North Carolina? What is all this fuss about bathrooms, anyway? Is going to the bathroom now […]

Compassion for Confusion – A Christian Response to Same-sex Attraction

A Christian Response to “Same-Sex Marriage” and Same-Sex Attraction: Part 5 of 5. by Ken Endean In Part 4 I dealt with several key Bible passages that are challenged by “pro-gay theologians.” There I presented a Biblical answer to attempts to reinterpret the Scriptures to meet an agenda. In this last article, we will conclude […]

Hermeneutical Fidelity – Key Bible Passages in the Same Sex Marriage Debate

A Christian Response to “Same-Sex Marriage” and Same-Sex Attraction: Part 4 of 5. by Ken Endean In part 3, I discussed the gift of human sexuality as created and controlled by God and must not be discussed apart from God’s boundary of marriage being clearly stated. Human selfishness abuses and defiles turns God’s gift into […]