November 22, 2017

The Eclectic Web–2013/3/11

This week on the Eclectic Web, we’d like to draw your attention once again to the subject of alcohol. This is a theme we’ve addressed numerous times here on Proclaim & Defend (links below). Many Christians today seem to have no conscience whatever against the use of alcohol, a view that we oppose.

Last week, alcohol use was the theme of Chapel at Bob Jones University. We encourage you to check the messages here. Links to the downloads of each individual message appears below.

March 4: The Christian and Alcohol (Part 1) Steve Hafler

UPDATE: Steve Hafler blogs on the subject here.

March 5: The Christian and Alcohol (Part 2) Randy Jaeggli

March 6: The Christian and Alcohol (Part 3) Randy Jaeggli

March 7: The Christian and Alcohol (Part 4) Gary Reimers

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By Proclaim & Defend


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