December 18, 2017

Around the Web–10/11/12

If you see something, say something

  • Good comment on sexual abuse.

Einstein’s ‘God Letter’ to Be Sold On Ebay

  • Tragic and candid, an illustration of Romans 9-11, God has blinded the Jews (for the most part)

The Bible for Bloggers

  • Bryan Chappell with an excellent piece on Christian blogging. His words should convict the consciences of many bloggers, this editor included.

Scripture changes lives, Toalston says in ebook

  • Good challenge to memorize and meditate on the life-changing Word.

Americans Losing Faith: 1 in 5 Have No Religion, Atheism on the Rise

  • Interesting article. In Canada, the numbers are about opposite, 1 in 5 have religion.

Rise of the atheists: U.S. Protestants lose majority status as church attendance falls

  • Canadian newspaper adds additional insight to the same story.

Church of Scotland Ministers Forced Out Over Gay Clergy

  • Is this the final word in demonstrating the liberal domination of mainline churches? In Canada, the United Church of Canada decided to ordain homosexuals (and now has its first homosexual moderator). It wasn’t until this step that the few remaining people with any kind of evangelical leanings finally left the already very liberal denomination. The same seems to be true here of the Church of Scotland.

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