December 11, 2017

Around the Web–9/7/12 “Answers?”

Last week we posted an article containing questions for Matt Olson and Northland International University. Some have suggested that this post – “What Matters Most: How We Draw the Lines” – contains the answers to our questions. It is not clear whether Matt is answering us or simply continuing a series (see Part 1 and Part 2). Since there is some connection with what we asked, we provide the links here. We don’t plan to get into an internet shouting match over this issue but hope light might be shed on the subject so that pastors, parents, and students can make informed decisions if these matters are a concern to them.

For more edifying material, we noticed a couple of blog articles this week that you might find helpful – or at least interesting:

Thoughts on the Olympics — He Wanted to Get Caught – Jon Gleason

You’ve got to “lay aside” the blatant rebellion against God if you want to run the race He sets before you.  If you try to hang onto your rebellion and still run the race, you aren’t running the race He gave you, you’re running a race of your own making, on a course that leads to points unknown, without map or compass, but with the assurance that it isn’t going to end with a victory, but in disaster.

The tragedy of complementarianism…. – David Bayly

Professor Trueman assures us that most egalitarians are still good Evangelicals. Perhaps so, but Evangelical holiness is the lowest of low-hanging fruit these days. Egalitarians may indeed be good Evangelicals, but by any Scriptural measure they’re less than obedient Christians because their teaching denies the Word of God.

  • This post is important because it highlights the need for a proper hermeneutical approach (the correct method of interpreting the Bible) and the compromised point of view even a most admired ‘evangelical’ star can display.

In the ‘interesting’ category, we found these offerings:

Skid Row Feedings of Homeless Should End, Argue L.A. Clergy

In downtown Los Angeles, four major missions serve 8,000 free meals a day to homeless men and women. However, one group of clergy is urging those missions to stop their feeding ministries, suggesting the effort is “well-meaning but misguided”.

Book Review: Walking With Giants: The Extraordinary Life of An Ordinary Man by Elmer Towns, reviewed by Michael Haykin

  • Dr. Haykin teaches at Southern Seminary and hales from Canada. His review focuses mostly on the Canadian connection in Elmer Towns’ ministry, but might be of interest to our American readers as well.

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