December 18, 2017

FrontLine Magazine–Growing in Grace


The subject of our current issue is Sanctification or Growing in Grace. This was the theme of our recent annual meeting held in Phoenix, AZ (Click here for audio).

Two articles by local church pastors, John Stima and John Monroe, kick us off by defining the concept of progressive sanctification and the instruments by which it is accomplished. A challenging article on the repetitive ‘salvation’ decisions by some young people is offered by Larry Oats. The chairman of our association, pastor Kevin Schaal offers an article on growth in the battlefield of spiritual warfare. Several other articles round out the issue, including a chaplains report and some testimonies about recent trips to Israel.

The ‘Pastor’s Insert’ features Mark Minnick asking a provocative question: ‘Is There a Call?’ His answer takes a unique look at the question and may help cool misplaced ardor (and perhaps convince a young man to follow the Lord into full-time ministry). Mike Harding offers an interesting book review, Mark Minnick another article of encouragement in preaching, and Chuck Phelps writes about behind the scenes ministry. All of it will be an encouragement to you.

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