Around the Web–May 4, 2012

These items caught our interest this week:

    • Nikki Haley on Faith – the governor of South Carolina was raised Sikh, claims now to be a Christian. Are her answers spiritual or political?
    • Yesterday, Christianity Today published an astonishing article, The Passion of George Harrison – but we don’t merely wish to shake our heads at CT’s lack of discernment, it seems all too predictable for them. What we really want to call your attention to is the comments on this article. They reveal the real tension between evangelicalism and fundamentalism – what are we to do with Christians who seem to go so far afield as CT does in this article?
    • A recent article got a lot of attention on Facebook recently – it claimed that those with more ‘analytical’ minds tended to be less religious. As a counterpoint, here is an article that seems to suggest the opposite, that conservatives are far more informed about liberals than liberals about conservatives: Liberals or Conservatives: Who’s Really Close-Minded? (We think this thesis applies to more than just the political arena – it describes the religious world as well.)
    • Albert Mohler asks, Is the Megachurch the New Liberalism? A very thought provoking article. Mohler will not come to the same applications as biblical fundamentalists will, but the principles he articulates here are real issues all Christians need to think seriously about. We need to be ready to contend for the faith against the new liberalism, whatever form it takes in any generation.

We’ll be back with more next week.