January 23, 2018

Welcome to Proclaim & Defend

In 2008, Time Magazine published an article asking this riveting question: “How Many Blogs Does the World Need?” Writer Michael Kinsley concludes with this:

But many readers may be reaching the point with blogs and websites that I reached long ago with the Sunday New York Times Magazine–actively hoping there isn’t anything interesting in there because then I’ll have to take the time to read it.

I don’t know if Michael will ever meander over here, or whether the world will think we are needed, but today we are announcing yet another blog, Proclaim & Defend. P&D will be the blogging voice of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International, just as FrontLine magazine has been our print media voice for twenty years.

What can you expect from Proclaim & Defend? We expect to include commentary from many fundamental Baptist leaders on various issues, including commentary on the religious world and the world at large. We will also include illustrations, quotes and insights from spiritual leaders of the past, Bible studies, word studies, spiritual helps of all kinds, as well as excerpts from our print magazine, FrontLine.

In our first weeks of existence, we plan to serialize the articles from our most recent issue of FrontLine. The topic of the Jan/Feb 2012 issue is “Protecting Our Children.” We think this is one of the best issues of FrontLine ever. We want to distribute these articles as widely as possible. As you read them here over the next few weeks, we urge you to consider subscribing to the print edition. The magazine will be a blessing to your spiritual life.

In addition to blog articles and FrontLine excerpts, we plan to provide downloadable sermons from our various fellowship meetings through the year. We have some sermons already available from our 2011 meetings. Watch for messages from the meetings to come. Next up will be the Northwest Regional Fellowship in Kent, WA; see the fellowship meeting links at the top of our home page for more details.

We will not be publishing comments to our blog articles individually, but we do have a “Comments” form. We plan to publish the “best of” any comments we receive in our Readers Write column. We encourage you to submit well-reasoned comments in response to what you find here, whether you agree with our point of view or not.

Our efforts here are part of our ministry and we hope will help us fulfill our mission statement:

The FBFI mission is to provide a rallying point for Fundamental Baptists seeking personal revival and the opportunity to work with committed Bible-believers in glorifying God through the uncompromising fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Welcome, then, to Proclaim & Defend. We look forward to serving Fundamental Baptists in this medium … and anyone else who happens by.

Although Proclaim & Defend is the blog of the FBFI, the articles we post are not an expression of the views of the FBFI as a whole, they are the views of the author under whose name they are published. The FBFI speaks either through position statements by its board or through its president. Here at Proclaim & Defend, we publish articles as matters of interest or edification to the wider world of fundamentalist Baptists and any others who might be interested.

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