December 13, 2017

Barkless Dogs

Phil Shuler Frontline • January/February 2000 Editor’s note: This article, as you can see by the header above, was published some time ago. In light of the turmoil of today it seems timely. May God move us to revival in our churches! Why is our society so morally and spiritually out of control today? Why […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes (Hint: It’s a dress)

Don Johnson A few days ago Matt Recker gave us an article affirming the Biblical view of human nature: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Gen 1.27). His article resonates with most of the readers of this blog, and […]

How to Give without Being Taken

Terry Hagedorn Having served one tour in Vietnam, I was wise to murderous thieves and con men. (The Vietcong were fairly nasty, as well.) However, on my way to visit Vietnam for the second time, my commercial flight landed in the Philippines. Two skycaps in uniform — that is, one uniform (one wore the skycap […]

Fundamentalism and Social Service Issues

John Mincy Ever since Walter Rauschenbusch popularized the social gospel in America, Fundamentalists have been struggling with how Christians should relate to the multitude of social problems. Criticism has been leveled against Fundamentalists for dropping out of the social arena in the early part of the twentieth century. Some have called this the “Great Reversal.”[1] […]

Ministering among Illegal Immigrants

David Shumate Those with opportunities to minister to immigrant groups are often confronted with the question of illegal immigration. This social and political problem often complicates what would otherwise be a straightforward ministry response. Although the problem most often involves people from Latin America, it is an issue that applies to other groups as well. […]

The Deadly Menace of the Cultural Mandate

G. Archer Weniger Editor’s note: The following article contains some dated references due to its original publication in 1974. The subject of the article, the ‘Cultural Mandate,’ is no longer current terminology, but many Christians and churches are preoccupied with social causes that resemble the terminology. Consequently, we republish this article for sober reflection by […]

The Fundamentalist and Social Issues

Layton Talbert Adjusting Popular Misconceptions Over the past twenty years, Fundamentalists have grown more sensitive to community opportunities and responsibilities. To some, this is a negative development, a distraction from our prime directive as believers in a lost world. But it need not be. Rather, it ought to be an extension of our ministry, a […]

The Point of No Return

Tom Nieman Recently I have encountered a number of individuals who, after lamenting current conditions in our state and country (and the world), will suddenly swing to a default position with the claim that things are similar to the way things have always been. I do, however, encounter those who know of and even seem […]

What Can We Do?

Keith Hamblen As believers feel increasingly marginalized in our secular culture, it’s tempting to simply withdraw. Political involvement doesn’t seem to be working, so why even try? God established the three institutions of family (Gen. 2:21–24), state (Gen. 9:6), and church (Matt. 16:17, 18). Most Christians seem to actively and even aggressively participate in two […]

Sandy! The Aftermath and Pray for Us!

Matt Recker We have all seen the recent images. Breezy Point in flames. The powerless and huge NYU Hospital being evacuated. Unfathomable flooding in tunnels and subways. There has certainly been death and devastation. Some of our Heritage Baptist Church members are in the midst of it all. Leon and Lintia Lyons, faithful members for […]