Evangelical Leaders Urge Protection For Dreamers And Refugees

One hundred evangelical leaders have signed a letter urging President Donald Trump and members of Congress to protect Dreamers, immigrants and refugees.The letter, spearheaded by the evangelical organization World Relief, was printed as a full-page advertisement in Wednesday’s Washington Post. It was supported by leaders from across the nation and from different streams of evangelicalism, including Dr. Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission; Jen Hatmaker, the progressive Christian author; and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.  More . . .

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  1. CAdvoc on February 9, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    Christians – those who live by the Word of God (Sola Scriptura), who support doing something beneficial for the Dreamers/DACAs and those who don’t, walk a very fine line when thinking, talking, deciding what would be the best way for law enforcement/political leaders to deal with these individuals.

    Looking at them from an unemotional, unattached perspective, the first thing we need to address is – they are all criminals. A `crime’ is defined as “an illegal activity.” Lest we forget, these Dreamers/DACA individuals are referred to as “Illegal Immigrants.” And they’re called Illegal Immigrants because they have committed a crime – a criminal act, i.e. they’re in the United States Illegally! Therefore; prior to providing them with all the benefits and protections American Citizens enjoy, we need to address the `criminality’ of these individuals! And that does not point to rewarding them with American Citizenship and the Welfare benefits and Food Stamps which we, the American Citizens make available to American Citizens who have need of these benefits. This is called `taking care of our own’ and illegal immigrants are not part of “our own.”

    That said… Question: We’ve been told that these Dreamers are not responsible for being in the US illegally; it is their parents who brought them here as illegals when they were mere children, so they should not be punished for what their parents did. And I do agree with this. However; we are also aware that the majority of these Dreamers are between 20 and 32 yrs. of age. So now the question: Why haven’t these innocent “child victims” applied for citizenship long before this debate ever came up? You say that this would somehow have implicated their parents for their illegal status, and so, their parents would possibly face deportation. So, these Dreamers/DACA criminals continue in their illegal activity of being in the US as illegals in violation of US Immigration laws themselves and so, perpetuate the criminal activity of their parents, and so on to grandchildren!

    It is time our politicians take control of this situation and set absolute standards which must be met in order for not only the Dreamers/DACA to become bonafide American Citizens, but their parents – the original criminals, also. And this should be set up according to existing Immigration Guidelines which stipulate `how’ one who entered the US illegally might obtain US Citizenship legally, if such exists. A Christian’s responsibility – just as all other citizens – is to uphold the law of the land, as established by Christ in Scripture. For the Christian to `bend’ the law in such a gross situation where our laws have been breeched is to not follow this directive. A Christian who sins against God and then repents of that sin is forgiven. But that does not mean he is `excused’ from having to suffer the consequences of his sin. Same with those who break our laws; we can choose to `forgive’ them, but this doesn’t not excuse them from having to suffer the consequences of breaking our laws. CRPG

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