A Barrier Between Science and Religion?

Philosophy Rebuts Key Barrier Between Science and Religion | RealClearScience

Today’s readers might dismiss Descartes’ theological musings as irrelevant to the justification of the conservation of momentum. Descartes may have (somehow) hit on the right physical principle — or, at least, a forerunner of it — but his explanation is nevertheless scientifically deficient, this argument would go. But it’s hard to ignore the historical fact that theological ideas played a role in Descartes’ discovery. However unscientific his theological beliefs may seem to us today, they nevertheless bore fruit in the advancement of science. As contemporary historians have observed, such instances are surprisingly common in the history of modern science — challenging the assumption that religion is inherently inimical to scientific progress. more…

An interesting article that argues there is room for science and religion to be mutually beneficial, rather than antagonistic. (dcsj)

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