Biblical Commands of Love and Unity – Part 2

We are posting a series of messages preached by Dr. David Innes of Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco under the theme “What Is Fundamentalism?” This week, Dr. Innes continues to emphasize the counterbalance to separation, Christian unity. Fundamentalists are known for separation, but separation must be held in tension with the biblical commands to love one another.

Additional excerpts from Dr. Innes’ notes:

What scriptural unity is NOT!

1. Scriptural unity is not uniformity. It is harmony (symphony = sum+phonos = many different kinds of instruments sounding together in harmony).

2. Scriptural unity is not a uniting of believer and unbeliever, or a uniting of obedient believers with disobedient believers.

3. Scriptural unity is not a uniting of different religions believing in different gospels — different ways to heaven.


Not only is there a false kind of unity — there is also a false kind of separation!

Separation misunderstood and misapplied results in unnecessary fragmentation and division.

Factious, divisive words and deeds done in the name of separation are a direct violation of biblical unity. Those guilty of these words and deeds are to be dealt with according to the instructions of Titus 3:10,11.

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