December 12, 2017

A Few Blogs Worth Following

Don Johnson

The term “blog” is less than twenty years old, a 1999 shortening of the 1997 term “weblog.”[1] There was a time when everyone seemed to have a blog, but that flush of enthusiasm has since subsided. Nevertheless, blogs continue to be published and some of them are of interest to us. We’d like to alert Proclaim & Defend readers to some blogs we’ve found recently that might be of interest. We occasionally re-publish material from some of them, you might enjoy reading them more regularly.

Pursuing the Pursuer – A fairly new blog by a young[2] quartet of men who were classmates in college, now in ministries across the country, but continuing to collaborate on a group blog.

Brown Sugar Toast – Christa is a pastor’s wife, mother of four, and brings a fresh perspective on life and ministry in her posts.

Revival Focus – John Van Gelderen is an evangelist. He still qualifies as the younger set since I am older than him, but he has a lot of good things to say on his site. We’ve recently used a couple of his pieces and commend his writing to you.

Taigen Joos – Taigen is a pastor in New Hampshire, an FBFI board member, who always provides thoughtful pieces. We use him here a lot, but you will profit from the articles he puts out.

Shepherd Thoughts – Thomas Overmiller is another FBFI board member, pastoring in New York City. He puts a lot of time into writing and online teaching for the benefit of his own congregation. He is also a frequent contributor to P&D.

By Faith We Understand – Mark Ward writes a regular column in FrontLine. He is always thought provoking, the lead author of BJU Press’ outstanding textbook, Biblical Worldview.

Rooted Thinking – Another group effort, these men are all in the ministry, all in widely disparate locations. Their perspective is very helpful.

Reverent Reflections – One blogger who is not younger than your author! George Stiekes is a favorite of mine, writes a devotional every day, we use him frequently here. I had the privilege of getting to know him when he ministered at a church in Washington state, his preaching always had an impact when I heard him and I find his devotions to be very helpful, often goading me in my imperfections.

There are no doubt many other worthy blogs you could mention, feel free to add in the comments (although we reserve the right to publish only those in line with our philosophy!).

One last comment on recent blogging of note: There are many men who are not exactly where we are in terms of theology or ecclesiastical relationships but are nevertheless worth reading. They are often very helpful. We may refer to them from time to time, but we want to recommend these that are closely aligned to our philosophy.

Don Johnson is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada.

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  2. I have reached the stage of life where almost everyone appears young to me, except my friends with whom I went to school. I never knew that my cohorts could look so old! I, of course, remain a model of youthful vigor. []

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