November 22, 2017

New Testament Baptist Fellowship–day 3

Our Annual Fellowship meeting wrapped up Thursday morning. Some of our number had to depart early for other responsibilities, but we still had a good crowd in the services today. One of my fellow board members said he was thinking about writing an article on the spiritual condition of those who depart from conferences early! But we are sure they all have very good reasons.

Nevertheless, today was a good day and the conference closed with powerful preaching and the joy of Christian fellowship.

This morning Dr. Bud Steadman of Baptist World Mission preached on the subject of “Whosoever Will Take up His Cross” – he pointed out there are two major “whosoever wills” in the New Testament. The most prominent one is Rev 22.17, the whosoever will of salvation. The other is the whosoever will of service, Mark 8.34. The service the Lord has in mind is the service of discipleship, which follows a process of adjusting one’s relationship to the world. First, our Saviour died for the world, next the sinner separates from and dies to the world, next the believer proclaims salvation to the world and last, the serving disciple bears the marks of suffering from the world. This process is the way the saint gives glory to God in obedience to his call and commission.

In our closing service, Dr. Bob Loggans of Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown, WI, preached on “Whosoever Will – the Individual Decision.” The individual decision is a response to the Great Commission, and the Great Invitation, which provides the Great Motivation of the soul-winners life. “Our efforts to share the gospel reflects the value we place on others.” The message was a fitting challenge for us to close this year’s meeting.

My last observation concerning the meeting is this: The joint NTAIBC and FBFI meeting was a real success. Both organizations have mutual beliefs, stands, and often over-lapping memberships. We were blessed by the fellowship. We should do these things more often, and include other groups of a similar mind on the fundamentalist point of view. The fellowship can only strengthen that which remains of the movement.

Submitted by Don Johnson,  the pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada.

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