December 13, 2017

FBFI Pulpit: Coming to Grips with God Given Gender

Chuck Phelps
Gen 5.1-2

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Confusion with regard to one’s gender is becoming increasingly prevalent in America.  How’s should a Christian respond?  The book of Genesis has the answer.  This sermon travels through the early chapters of Genesis in order to hear the Creator speak to our culture on gender-identity.

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The more our culture tries to obliterate the distinctions between the man and the woman, the more confusion increases, the more the home dissolves, the more humanity is disgraced, and the more our Creator is angered.

The foundation of our theme:

  • There is a revelation of equality as God creates the genders Gen 1
  • There is a revelation of diversity as God commissions the genders Gen 2
  • There is a revelation of responsibility as God condemns the genders Gen 3

Adam’s sin was greater – he knew what he was doing. Sin entered the world through him, by ONE man. God holds husbands responsible for the spiritual life of the home.

Genesis 5.2 Pastoral Counsel:

  • God’s creation of the genders leaves no room for chauvinism: the intentional disrespect for women.
  • God’s creation of the genders contradicts radical feminism: the secular glorification of women that desires to cast off male dominance so women can rule.
  • God’s creation of the genders honors the role of mother and wife: the greatest fulfillment for a woman is found in the home.
  • God’s creation of the genders honors the role of husband and provider: the husband is intended to reflect Christ as the spiritual head of the home.

Gender differences are not cultural stereotypes; they are hardwired by God in creation.

It is impossible to have peace with God if you are not at peace with the way God created you.

But note: though sins against gender are a sin, God hates your pride more than he hates the sins of transgenderism. God is able to wash, to sanctify, to clear up the confusion that plagues troubled minds.

Charles R. Phelps is the pastor of Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN.

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