December 18, 2017

Creation — Why It Matters

July_August 2016 2016

FrontLine: July/August 2016 | VOLUME 26 | NUMBER 4

Recent rapid changes in American culture were set in motion long ago. Many people failed to see the implications of the theory of evolution and its widespread acceptance. Many theologians followed the siren song of “science falsely so called” (1 Tim. 6:20) and accommodated the theory through “theistic evolution” or the “gap theory.” But the results of seeing evolution as a more scientific theory of origins than Creation are shockingly evident today. For example, biological gender is losing its meaning. It is baffling that supporters of the “science” of climate change reject the science of human anatomy! Paul’s admonition to Timothy should be our guide through the rapid decline of American culture: “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called” (1 Tim. 6:20).

In the last issue of FrontLine we focused on the truth of Scripture concerning Creation. In this issue we focus on why it matters so much, as we address the practical implications of Creation. Our readers who were not able to attend the Annual Fellowship at Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis are encouraged to listen to the presentations by Dr. John Whitcomb and the other speakers at [Audio only sessions are available here at P&D. —ed.] The conference theme, “Declarations from Our Designer, Focusing on Genesis 1–11,” was wonderfully supported by the conference excursion to the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky. Thus, through two issues of FrontLine, the 2016 Annual Fellowship, and helpful material recently posted on the FBFI blog,, our aim has been to reiterate the truths that an increasing number of Western societies are denying. Short of a new Great Awakening, the history of Western culture may well have been written in Romans 1:18–32. Denying the truth of Genesis 1–11, we have not only exposed ourselves to the wrath of God to come but have followed the very sequence of degradation found in Romans 1. Indeed, “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (v. 22).

The articles to follow are a sampling of those that need to be written on the theme, Creation—Why It Matters. Dr. Brian Collins establishes the point of this issue in his article “Implications of Interpretation: The Effects of Accommodation” by explaining why science must not overrule Scripture but must submit to it. In “‘We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident’: What Does Genesis 1–3 Have to Do with Our System of Government?” Dr. David Shumate[1] shows the unbreakable connection between Creation and the Declaration of Independence, then explains why the Fall demands the governance of the Constitution. Moreover, we recall that when John Whitcomb and Henry Morris produced the seminal work The Genesis Flood, the foundation for Creation Science was laid, and biblical Creationism was shown to be fundamental to the Christian faith. In his article “Remembering The Genesis Flood” Dr. Whitcomb recounts the story of how that volume came to be.

Some readers of FrontLine may not be aware of the dilemma our chaplains are facing as the military in particular has become a laboratory for social experimentation. The dominoes are falling rapidly. The repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) not only permitted but practically promoted open homosexuality, encouraging the so-called “LGBTQ”[2] movement to pursue its aggressive agenda.[3] Shortly after the Secretary of Defense announced that all military specialties, including combat roles, were open to all genders, another announcement soon followed that females would need to register for Selective Service after their eighteenth birthday. Thus, we have reprinted, with permission, an article by Dr. Robert Miller USN, Retired, who is the executive director of Hope for America Ministry. The article “Woman as Warrior: Does It Matter?” takes a noticeably Reformed approach to the Old Testament verses used to support its argument, but Dr. Miller’s analysis is very important and well written in light of the truth of God’s purpose in His creative design of mankind as man and woman. Note that both in this article and in the Position Statements we are clarifying for our FBFI chaplains the foundation of their dual-role ministry in either “performing or providing” for the spiritual needs of all military personnel. FBFI has written extensively on the limitations it places on its chaplains in regard to this aggressive agenda. They fulfill their duties, but they neither compromise their convictions nor violate Endorser limitations.

The four articles mentioned above are the core of this issue on “Creation—Why It Matters.” However, most of the rest of this issue further supports this theme. Please read this issue carefully and prayerfully. FrontLine is dedicated to shining the light of the truth of God’s Word into an ever-darkening culture where men have lost their way concerning simple and self-evident truth. We ask our readers to pray for us, to continue to subscribe to and support this important magazine, and to share it with others who need to be prepared for what has happened and what is getting worse every day. And, as you pray, don’t despair. Hope in the Lord and rest in His soon coming. Heaven will be exponentially more joyful than earth has ever been bleak.


Implications of Interpretation: The Effects of Accommodation to Evolutionary Thought
Brian Collins

Attempts to harmonize Scripture with evolutionary cosmology make defending Christianity against the problem of evil more difficult.

“We Hold These Truths to Be Self- Evident”: What Does Genesis 1–3 Have to Do with Our System of Government?
David R. Shumate

Two Biblical principles that are foundational to our constitutional system of government are the fact of Creation and the fact of the Fall.

Remembering The Genesis Flood
John Whitcomb

Burdened by the rampant disregard for God’s Word in earth history, two young men joined to write a book called simply The Genesis Flood.

Woman as Warrior: Does It Matter?
Robert Miller

It is a fundamental misuse and abuse of women to make them protectors of men.

2016 FBFI Position Statements

Deliverance in Prison
Hugo Gutierrez


Mail Bag & News from All Over

On the Home Front

Wit & Wisdom
David Atkinson

What is a Biblical Fundamentalist?
David C. Innes

At a Glance: Responding to God’s King
Layton Talbert

Robert Condict

On Language & Scripture
Mark L. Ward Jr.

95th Annual Fellowship Report

Chaplaincy: A Multifaceted Ministry
John C. Vaughn

Confrontational yet Compassionate
Jerry Sivnksty

(Originally published in FrontLine • July/August 2016. Click here to subscribe to the magazine.)

  1. David R. Shumate coordinated this issue of FrontLine, led the team that drafted the Position Statements included in this issue, and is an authority on both Law and Old Testament Interpretation. Note his brief biographical sketch at the end of his article. []
  2. Bible believers are loathe to use this acronym or the words it represents. By some accounts this movement boasts variants of these behaviors that number more than thirty identifiable “genders.” []
  3. President Obama declared the month of June to be “LGBT Pride Month,” mandating celebrations on military installations. []

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