December 16, 2017

Declarations from Our Designer–Next Week!

AnnualFellJoin us in Indianapolis next week! We are anticipating a tremendous meeting at Colonial Hills Baptist Church. If you are anywhere close at all, make the time to fellowship with us. You will be glad you did.


Tuesday, June 14

12:00 PM – Check-In for Board Meeting

1:00-6:00 PM – Registration; Setup for Exhibitors

1:00 PM – FBFI Annual Board Meeting

5:00 PM – FBFI Boards/Chaplains Dinner

7:00 PM – General Session 1

God’s Design for our Worship
Dr. Gary Reimers

8:30 PM – Fellowship Following the Service

Wednesday, June 15

8:00 AM – Continental Breakfast and FBFI Board Meeting

9:00 AM – General Session 2

The Genesis Flood and Final Judgment
Dr. John Whitcomb

10:30 AM – General Session 3

Same-Sex Mirage
Dr. Mike Harding

12:00 PM – Lunch

2:00 PM – General Session 4

The Conversion of an Atheist (plus Q&A)
Dr. John Whitcomb

3:00 PM – Workshops:

Is Creationism Essential to Fundamentalism?
Dave Woetzel
God’s Social Plan: Family Foundations from Genesis
Dr. Kevin Schaal
Timothy Keller’s View on Creation
Matt Recker
Norma Whitcomb

7:00 PM – General Session 5

5 Q’s for Evolutionists
Dave Woetzel

8:30 PM – Fellowship Following the Service

Thursday, June 16

8:00 AM – Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM – General Session 6

Defending Genesis 1-11 in the Department of Defense
CH (COL) Joe Willis

9:30 AM – Workshops

The Early Earth: Eden or Ape-men?
Dave Woetzel
God’s Social Plan: Family Foundations from Genesis
Dr. Kevin Schaal
Timothy Keller’s View on Creation
Matt Recker
The Pastor’s First Lady Panel
Your husband has been called into the ministry, and you find yourself in the role of the pastor’s (assistant pastor’s) wife. There is no job description, yet the expectation and responsibilities may seem overwhelming. During this breakout session a panel of pastors’ and assistant pastors’ wives will discuss a variety of questions regarding the privileges, responsibilities, dynamics, and priorities of the pastor’s wife. Please join us as we seek to sharpen one another and strive to be the best possible helpmates while serving alongside of our God-called husbands.

10:45 AM – Excursion


The Creation Museum: Tour & Lecture — Dr. Ken Ham is inviting fellowship attendees to tour the Creation Museum at a discounted price and join him for a 30 minute session at 1:30 PM in the museum’s Legacy Hall. This unique excursion will give you an opportunity to meet the museum staff and founder and get to know those behind theArk Encounter, which opens in July. You may signup and pay for this excursion when you register.

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