December 18, 2017

Motherhood Comes with a Sword

Matt Recker

Luke 2:35

Simeon prophecies that Mary’s motherhood will be accompanied by a piercing sword of sorrow to her soul. How could this SINLESS SON who would never do wrong, bring sorrow?

Luke 2:35-36; Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against; (Yea, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also,) that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.

1. Principle #1: Women of faith who have wonderful children can still find that motherhood comes with a sword.

2. Principle #2: Ponder deeply with joy the amazing and unique gift that God has miraculously entrusted to you and enjoy your child, “an only of its kind.” (Luke 2:19; 51)

Let’s see how this sorrow worked its way into Mary’s life:

The Sorrow of PAINFUL ALARM: Jesus is LOST! Luke 2:40-52

Luke 2:40 describes in a nutshell the growth of Jesus from 0-12.

Luke 2:52 describes how Jesus grew from the age of 12-30.

3. Principle #3: A child grows strong with loving, godly, obedient parents of faith.

4. Principle #4: Do not assume your child is safe, Luke 2:44-48

5. Principle #5: Lay up the amazing things your children say and do. Write them down. Videotape them and take pictures. Remember them. Luke 2:49-51.

The Sorrow of SCORNFUL ACCUSATION: They Think Jesus is BESIDE HIMSELF, Luke 8:19,20, Mark 3:20-35; Matthew 12:46-50

6. Principle #6: Do not buy into the professional’s diagnosis of your child merely because of their degree or status in society. Evaluate your children by the SCRIPTURE, Mark 3:22.

7. Principle #7: Our spiritual family is our eternal family. Even if you are married without children or single, ADOPT a child into your heart to mentor and love, in order to assist them to do the will of God, Mark 3:31-35.

The Sorrow of HORRIFIED ANGUISH: Jesus is Crucified, John 19:25-27

Let’s stand at the cross with Mary, John, and the faithful few:

8. Principle #8: Go to the cross with our children’s suffering and trust God with all our heart.

9. Principle #9: Remain humble, submissive and quiet before God, believing God has a PLAN for our children greater than our PAIN.

10. Principle #10: To see our child die an untimely death hurts immensely and we easily ask, “WHY?” Believe God has a purpose in the death of our children.

11. Principle #11: Know that God will take care of us if He calls our children to leave this life before us.

Matt Recker is the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in New York City.

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