December 12, 2017

Reflections 2015

Don Johnson

It’s the last day of the year so we’ll wrap up our posting for the year with this, sort of a summary of where we’ve been. For some of the statistical stuff that WordPress generates for us, you can check our “Annual Report Page.” According to them, it would take three days in the Louvre for someone to view all our posts. Or something like that!

Our Google statistics tell us that we had 46,581 total visits in the last year with 31,854 unique visitors.

These are relatively modest numbers, as web-sites go, but we are grateful to have the opportunity to minister the Lord’s Word to those who have stopped by.

Our objective here is simply to edify believers and issue a call to those who are confused about the truth of God’s Word, including those who contend against God’s Word. The only hope of heaven that men have is that found in the Bible through the faith of Jesus Christ. We hope we have helped some along the way to heaven.

Personally, as editor, I’ve experienced many blessings through the work involved on this site. I have been privileged to meet many readers in various locations around the country over the last few years. I especially have been blessed as various writers have contributed to our work and I’ve been able to interact with them.

Last year at this time, I was recovering from a momentous event. This year I am officially “off my meds” and the doctor tells me I am completely recovered. I praise the Lord for the privilege of another year to serve him.

None of us knows how much time we have. The Lord could come back for us this year. If he does not, he will no doubt come instead to call some of us to himself. Let’s be always at it, abounding in the work of the Lord until he comes. There is no greater privilege we can have than serving the King of kings in the work of the ministry.

Don Johnson is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada.

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