December 16, 2017

Violence in America and the Human Condition

Kevin Schaal

The attention of the world was focused on Charleston, SC, last week as the tragic shooting at the Emanuel AME Church and subsequent events unfolded.

Today the nation witnessed one of the most extraordinary scenes ever in an American courtroom.

Families of the nine people gunned down during a Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina faced the alleged killer and told him about the precious lives that were wrenched away from them.

And many in these deeply religious families forgave him, because that is what their religion teaches.

This news story, and others like it throughout this last year clearly demonstrate that the race problem in this country is not a race problem at all. It is a spiritual problem that is deeply rooted in the corruption of sinful human hearts. The only solution is found in a heart transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. We commend these church members for demonstrating  Christ-like love in the face of unspeakable offense and grief. While race may have been the primary motive in this shooting, we consider it part of a continuing attack on all who claim the name of Christ world-wide, regardless of color or nationality.

May God protect us all, and may God grant us true revival.

Dr. Kevin Schaal is the pastor of Northwest Valley Baptist Church in Glendale, Arizona. He is also the Chairman of the Board for the FBFI.

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