December 16, 2017

Opening Night of the Annual Fellowship

Conference meetings always open with the renewal of personal relationships, lots of hand shaking, warm greetings, and hectic activity. Our beginning tonight was all of that and more. If you haven’t attended one of our meetings in a while, you should plan to come on out next year. These are good times when people with a solid fundamentalist Baptist world-view can encourage one another and rejoice in what God is doing in other ministries around the world. We plan to feature some of this in upcoming articles on P&D.

Yesterday we promoted our hosts and their website. Today we experienced first hand their warm Christian hospitality and we were blessed by a tremendous service with soul-stirring music as we prepared for the speaker of the evening. I should mention, too, that Dr. Walter Coles, emeritus pastor of our host church, received the Torchbearers Award, a recognition from the FBFI of a ministry well-served.

Dr. Fred Moritz was our preacher tonight. His topic was God’s Covenant with David, a Charter for Humanity, based on 2 Sam 7.4-19, but tracing God’s covenant with David throughout history. The message stirred us up, because the Scriptures clearly show that God’s program is still in place, he has a plan for the nation Israel that is yet to be completed, and we, members of the Christian church, have a role to play in fulfilling our Lord’s purposes in the world that will come to final fruition when the Son of David sits on David’s throne.

May we be busy winning souls, making disciples, and building churches until our Lord returns!

Audio of our services this week will follow in due course.

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