December 13, 2017

There Goes Me

William T. Maher

The September 13, 1999, issue of Newsweek contained an article written by George F. Will saying that Professor Peter Singer of Princeton University suggested “we euthanize newborns with severe handicaps.” This statement was approved by Princeton’s president, Harold Shapiro, who chaired the National Bioethics Advisory Commission. It was said hundreds of the handicapped — some in wheelchairs — protested the statement.

Interesting, isn’t it? First, it is abortion or pro-choice. Will euthanization of the disabled come next? It wouldn’t surprise me.

If this mindset had existed on June 7, 1928, they would have euthanized me. I was born with severe cerebral palsy. My parents told me their doctor said to put me away and forget I was born. He advised this because he thought I could never walk, talk, use my hands, or even think. I am glad they did not do those things in my days. Today I am doing all things — including walking, talking, using my hands, and thinking — by the grace of God.

God, the Creator of all things, made all things according to His will. If you look at the Word of God, you will see that God created the handicapped and dwelt among them. I often say, “I know He loves the afflicted, for He made many of us.” Also, He made it possible for the handicapped to be saved by faith and not by works (Ephesians 2:8–10).

Is this the first time man have thought this way? No. Remember the days of Moses? Pharaoh wanted to eliminate all Hebrew male babies (Exodus 1:22). How about in Christ’s day? King Herod, after hearing about the birth of the King of the Jews, had all children two years old and under put to death (Matthew 2:16). Satan is still the same today.

I have to smile when I think of this. Why are those who promote euthanasia afraid of the disabled? Is it because the handicapped have proven to be more productive than others? Could be.

In my case, I have had to depend on Him for all things. First, for my salvation. Then for strength for each day. Oh, is that not the same with every person (Philippians 4:13)?

I am grateful for His strength, for He allowed me to have the privilege to do so many things for Him—things such as traveling across America and to other countries preaching the gospel of Christ. If I were to tell all the things I’ve had the privilege to do, I would not be able to finish this article! He gets all the glory. I just came along to enjoy myself in Him.

Now I hear they are using parts from babies from other countries for people who can afford to pay for this. I am afraid we have become savages. Our so-called educators have gone wild.

Keep in mind, God is the Creator of all things on earth. This includes you and me as well as all men and women, since God created Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Sin caused man to fall when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Every person inherited sin from his parents. As a result man has tried to improve himself . . . but he has failed. The only way man can improve is to receive Christ as his Savior. But it’s hard for man to accept this. Men want to do it themselves. Each person has to admit he cannot save himself; only Christ can save.

Our so-called educators can come up with improvements for the body, but man’s problem is that his soul is degraded. Until a man realizes he cannot improve himself and that he has no future after death, he will continue to look for a way to improve himself at others’ expense. Men hate to humble themselves. Humility is not in his vocabulary. Pride is man’s downfall (1 John 2:15–17).

What then shall we do? Pray. God is still in control, and He will show these educators who the smart ones truly are. God allows certain ones who are handicapped to show what He can do. It is amazing what can be accomplished when God is control.

Where will we go from here? I do not know, but my trust is in Christ. Where is yours? If you are not sure of your future, ask Christ to save you. Your future will be secure in Him. And heaven will be your home (Romans 10:9–13).

Dr. Bill Maher, missionary to the handicapped and founder of “God’s Handiwork,” went home to be with the Lord on March 30, 2002. His autobiography is called Beyond My Dreams.

(Originally published in FrontLine • July / August 2004. Click here to subscribe to the magazine.)

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