December 14, 2017

2014 FBFI Annual Fellowship Audio–Main Sessions

The annual meeting has come and gone. What a tremendous week of fellowship it was! Special thanks to the hosts, Faith Baptist Church of Taylors, SC. Also thank-you to Bob Jones University for the use of some facilities during the week.

Below  you will find links to our audio files for the main sessions. We hope you find them a blessing.


7:00 PM – We Need Divine Intervention – Dr. Clarence Sexton

2 Kings 7 – Dr. Sexton challenges us to get busy in the Lord’s work. The Lord provides bounty for all, but only those who have received it partake. We who know the Lord’s provision ought to make it our business to proclaim to others the plenty we have found.


8:30 AM – Essential Elements of Holiness – Dr. Steve Hankins

1 Peter 1.13-16 – Dr. Hankins offers us a strong exhortation to pursue holiness. He shows us the essential elements in the process, offers compelling reasons for the pursuit, and the extreme nature of God’s expectations. Truly a compelling and convicting message.

11:00 AM – Integral Branches of the Vine – Dr. Wayne Van Gelderen

John 15.1-5 – Dr. Van Gelderen opened up for us the very familiar metaphor of the vine and branches. We tend to divide vine and branch as separate categories in our mind – but if you look at a real vine, what is vine and what are branches? It all looks like a vine to us. That is God’s goal for his people, that we might replicate the very image of the Vine as much as possible in this sin soaked world.

7:00 PM – The Glory of God – Dr. Steve Pettit

2 Cor 3.17-18 – Dr. Pettit stood in for Dr. Minnick who was too ill to participate in our meetings. Dr. Pettit’s message challenged us to glorify God by the change that comes from beholding the glory of the Lord. We will find this glory in the Book God gave us, the Holy Bible, and thereby be transformed into the image of Christ.


8:30 AM – The Image and Glory of God – Dr. John Vaughn

1 Corinthians 11.1-16 – Dr. Vaughn spoke on a familiar (but often misunderstood) passage, showing that man and woman, each in their appropriate order, reflect the image and glory of God by their submission to God’s order in human relationships. Godly submission to God’s plan proclaims God’s glory not only to the world of men, but the watching spirits, the angels, as well.

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