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The New Face of Mormonism


Fifty years ago, when church planters came to the “Mormon West” with the gospel and a desire to plant churches in areas where there were few non-LDS (Latter-Day Saint) churches, they found open resistance. Many pastors and their families experienced rejection and hostility due to the gospel. In those days Mormons were adamant that they were not Christian.

The face of Mormonism began to change in the early 1990s. That change was announced by a new logo. According to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, the reason for this new face was because Mormonism was not considered “Christian” by some Protestant and Catholic groups. The leadership of the LDS Church decided they wanted to emphasize the words “Jesus Christ” in their title. This move seemed to mark a new effort by the LDS to seek acceptance by Christian denominations.

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A Brief History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Dennis Cason

While it is important to know LDS history, it is not wise initially to use these facts when dealing with an LDS person.

The LDS View of God and the Godhead
Mike Bardon

The Mormons claim to follow Christ and to be a Christian religion; however, comparing what they believe with orthodox Christian doctrine reveals problems.

Another Jesus
Harley Johnson

Mormons think all humans are “children of Heavenly Father,” so it doesn’t make sense to them that anyone is not a “child of God.”

Latter-Day Saints and Salvation
John Lovegrove

Here is some guidance for sharing the simple gospel with LDS.

The New Face of Mormonism
Ron Ehmann

Christians and Mormons use very similar terminology but with very different definitions.

Diversity among LDS
Todd Wood

Even though outward appearances might suggest the contrary, no two Mormons are alike.

A View of Mormon Sunday Culture
Jonathan Edwards

When my wife and I attended Sunday services at an LDS church, we witnessed a ritualistic, rule-bound, duty-bound form of worship.

LDS Friendship
Greg Baker

Christian kindness is an essential ingredient to winning LDS individuals.

“You Should Be a Military Chaplain!”
CH (CPT) Alan Findley

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