January 23, 2018

FrontLine Jan/Feb 2014

FrontLine: From Truth to Life Application


January/February 2014 | VOLUME 24 | NUMBER 1

An Idea Central to What the Bible Teaches about Itself
Steve Hankins

Applying the Bible to Life Today
Ken Casillas

In application we are connecting two realms: Scripture and contemporary life. How to Apply the New Testament

Concept of the World to Life Today
Randy Leedy

How do we define “the world” in terms of categorizing our various options as worldly or not?

How to Apply the Old Testament Today
Robert Daniel Bell

What’s the solution for the mishandling of large portions of Scripture?

How to Apply the Bible to Change Your Life Today
Jim Berg

God is on a mission to redeem and restore fallen people to the likeness of His Son to the praise of His glory.

How to Apply the Bible to Bring Change to Your Family Today
Wade Kuhlewind

Spiritual maturity requires cooperation between the indwelling Holy Spirit and the believer’s will and effort.

How to Apply the Bible to Entertainment Choices Today
Brian Hand

Entertainment is not our enemy, but our Enemy employs entertainment effectively.

Applying the Bible to the Problem of Suffering Today
Layton Talbert

Squeeze the Bible and it drips suffering.

How to Apply the Bible to the Vanity of Life Today
Randy Jaeggli

“Why is life this frustrating?”

What’s “Fundamental” to “Fundamentalism”?
David C. Innes

Book Review: David Beale’s Historical Theology In-Depth
Roger Duvall

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