December 18, 2017

A dust-up in Biblical counseling?

The Eclectic Web – special edition

Don Johnson

The Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy of the 1920s was one of two defining moments of fundamentalism as a movement. A reading of the documents of that era reveal that much ado was made about what might seem to be mere disputations about words to the casual observer.

A disputation about words is on over Christian counseling these days. The National Association of Nouthetic Counselors is proposing a name change. Donn Arms of the Institute for Nouthetic Counseling reports on the issue in two links we provide below in this edition of the Eclectic Web – he doesn’t object so much to the change of name as to the changes he sees in the organization.

While the controversy probably doesn’t rise to the level of the Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy in terms of theological departure, nevertheless the wrangling over the word nouthetic seems to display some parallels. One side appears to want a broader umbrella than the other. One side seems to be more open to certain errors than the other. We offer the links below to our readers for their information so they can to make their own judgements.

Donn Arms:

Announcement from Heath Lambert:

NANC links:


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