November 22, 2017

Comforting Words from Men of God

Many of our readers will have heard the news we were stunned by from our weekend post, Prayer Request: Colonial Hills Baptist Church bus overturns.

For our first post of the week, I’d like to call your attention to three messages preached in Colonial Hills Baptist Church the day after the tragic accident that claimed three of their members. The preachers, Dr. Wendell Heller and Dr. Bob Taylor, are former senior pastors of CHBC. They are men of God with much experience with God that  is on display in their words of comfort to hurting people.

I think you will be blessed by their messages as well. They are not long – 13 minutes, 10 minutes, and 27 minutes – but they will minister to your heart and encourage you in the faith.

Dr. Wendell Heller: Encouragement of the Believer – Heb 10.24-25

Dr. Bob Taylor: God’s Grace During Dark Times – Isa 50.10

Dr. Bob Taylor: The Lord is My Shepherd – Ps 23.4

UPDATE: Funeral details are posted here.

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